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What we do is help you! 

Concierge Services Unlimited has been serving the Pittsburgh area for over 10 years providing a top-level support service to individuals, businesses and families looking to get those “to do” items taken care of. 

With over 30 years of business and hospitality experience along with a passion for planning, organizing and managing events, owner Anthony Bertolino knows the details and has the understanding and the eye for doing it right. He brings along the experience, knowledgeable and a courteous staff to get the job done to your expectations. 


More and more folks like you are deciding to outsource their personal and business tasks so they are reaching out to Concierge Services Unlimited to save themselves effort but more importantly to save precious time. Strange request? You wouldn’t be the first to ask. We are here to lighten the load and manage the most tedious demands on you. 


Concierge Services Unlimited will put your mind at ease for any project that you need done. Call us.

We got this for you!

“The Concierge Services folks helped pack and clean out my mom’s home getting it ready for our realtor to show. They knew exactly what to do and made the process so easy for us. They were great to work with.” 

Andrew R, Pittsburgh

“Anthony and his (Concierge Services) team came in literally 3 hours before I was doing a house showing and cleaned the house from top to bottom making it look presentable for the Open House. They did a spectacular job."

JH, realtor, Cranberry

 “We were able to enjoy our party so, so much more thanks to their (Concierge Services) efforts. They took care of all of the details for the evening and we got to spend time with our guests. They managed the food, drinks, clean-up and were very pleasant with our guests. We will be hiring them again for our next event.”

Caroline W, Wexford

Checking Inventory


Concierge Services Unlimited offers options including rates on an hourly, monthly, retainer or per project basis. Services packages can be customized to fit your need or budget. Rates vary on the type of service. 



$100-$175 per hour

$150-$200 late evening or weekend

$200+ for same day request. 


30+ hours per month $80/hour

20-29 hours per month $85/hour 

11-19 hours per month $95/hour

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